We will miss Janie Yuan

Janie Yuan 袁清珍

Janie Yuan 袁清珍(click to enlarge)

Janie Yuan 袁清珍 (1954年12月1日 – 2010年1月17日11:50pm) graduated from Zhongda in 1981(Chinese) and 1984(Law), was one of the founders of SYSUAA-NC (北加州中山大學校友會首屆理事會理事). She will be remembered for her laughter, courage and love for life and friendship with all of us. If you ever met her, studied or worked with her, please write about her by registering here at http://nc.zhongda.org (北加州中山大學校友會網站)

She was the one in middle standing by the flag(photo in Aug, 2009 =>). If she could come to join us to support SYSUAA-NC (北加州中山大學校友會) so can you in 2010.

She is now with the Angels and we will all miss her.

More photos:

Janie is the 1st one on the right in 2nd row:  http://nc.zhongda.org/albums/2ndanni/groupa.html and

these are from Robert Mui, another Chinese major from Zhongda:

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